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Order into Disorder Series: Bathroom Edition

Taylor Swift's Bathroom {Image via. Pinterest}

My bathroom is not a pretty sight. At all. My younger sister and I used to share it, but over the past few months she has chosen to get ready elsewhere. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to that space, let alone a lot of cleanliness. My younger sister is incredibly organized and I happen to be the least organized person on this side of the state (Courtney is in a close second). The lack of order rarely bothered me before, but now it is starting to affect my efficiency in getting ready. I can never find anything, causing unnecessary stress and loss of time. It is starting to take a toll.

Part of my problem is that my bathroom is incredibly tiny. The only storage available is under the sink. There are no drawers or cabinets, making it difficult to find a designated spot for everything. So, in light of my recent Pinterest discovery turned obsession (my page is here, if you so dare to check it out), I decided to start searching for organization ideas for the bathroom and I have found a plethora, and I mean plethora, of ideas! Since we are planning to redo our bathroom this summer, I picked up a few color ideas, too! Here are a few pictures of some ideas I found pretty innovative and stylish, especially for those of us who have minimal space:

{Image via. Pinterest}

Using the sides of the sink doors is an excellent idea. I would imagine those shelves would not be difficult to make or install either. Future project? I think so!

{Image via. The Family Handyman}

More utilization of the sink cabinet door. This idea is genius! A great space saver and spares us the hassle of a tangled cord! More great bathroom ideas from The Family Handyman here.

{Image via. Martha Stewart.com}

Magnets are not just for the fridge. Affixing a sheet of precut galvanized steel to the inside of a medicine cabinet will save space on the shelves for bigger products. More bathroom ideas from Martha here.

{Image via. Google.com}

No need for countertop clutter. Find cute, clear jars to store every day items. Sticking the the same color (here everything is white or off white) will bring unity despite the different types of products. 

{Image via. myidealhome.tumblr.com}

And finally, everything does not need to be in the bathroom if it is not used often. Place rarely used items, backup products, and extra towels on a shelf in your linen closet.

I feel that the bathroom is the second most neglected room in the house in terms of organization, decoration, and maintenance (the laundry room takes the number one spot). Since we only spend time in the bathroom to do grooming, bathing, and other business, we fail to realize how having a nicely set up bathroom could bring more peace to our lives. Time would be easier to manage, good lighting will help makeup application, and another thing would be a place of relaxation. You could easily turn your bathroom into an at home spa, if you wanted to. All you would need is a relaxing color scheme, nicely scented candles, a clean tub, some magazines or a great book, and you are all set! Massage comes extra, though. 😉

So, what rooms do you guys have trouble keeping orderly? Let me know and post any ideas! I’ve posted a few links below to some great interior design blogs, including Courtney’s other blog that she shares with her interior designer sister, Kristy!

Take care and good luck!


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