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BB Cream: Review (Finally!)

A while back, I did a post on the up and coming beauty innovation BB Cream. I was incredibly curious to try the product because its ability to combine cosmetic concerns with skincare. In review, BB Creams are comparable to that of a tinted moisturizer in terms of their consistency and coverage, but can also act as a makeup primer, contain anti-aging ingredients, protect against sun damage, and even out skin tone. Well, I finally got my hands on some BB Cream and thought I would share my thoughts.

BB Cream Used:

{In the shade “Fair”}

To put it simply, I have problematic skin. Unfortunately for me, BB Creams’ coverage is quite sheer and does not cover what I feel needs to be concealed. I think that someone with great skin would benefit more from BB Cream than someone who struggles with their skin like I do. I’ve not completely giving up on BB cream, however. Mixing it in with my Make Up Forever HD Foundation creates a nice finish! I also have been experimenting with various skincare regimens and as soon as I find one that works for me, I hope I can wear lighter makeup like BB Cream confidently.

Well, that’s my take on BB Creams! It is great for someone who only needs sheer coverage or for summer, but for those of us who prefer a heavier coverage may need to combine it with other foundation or look elsewhere.

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Naked Palette 2 Tutorial & Review

Last year, Urban Decay Cosmetics released the Naked Palette, an eye shadow set featuring a dozen neutral colors, with shades ranging from a pure, matte beige to a smokey, shimmery black. The set quickly became a cult classic due its versatility and was constantly sold out online and in stores.

After the booming success of the first installment, Urban Decay decided to launch a sequel to the Naked Palette (cleverly titled Naked Palette 2) this past December. Needless to say, the set was another instant hit. And despite the kits both being based on neutral, they are different. Instead of having  shadows in warmer hues, the Naked Palette 2 offers shades in cooler tones. The Naked Palette 2 also comes with a lip gloss in the shade “Naked” and a double-ended eye shadow brush.

{Naked 2}

{Swiping Our Favorite Shade “Booty Call”}

{Entire Palette}

The Naked Palette 2 gives the ability to create basically any eye look you could think of! To get you all inspired, we decided to focus on a basic look for day and a sultrier look for night. Scroll down to see the complete looks and shades used:

Day Look:

All Over Base: “Booty Call”

Crease: “Chopper”

Outer Corner: Half Baked

Highlight: Foxy

Liner: “Busted” (Applied with angled liner brush)

Night Look:

All Over Base: “Foxy”

Lid: “Suspect”

Inner Corner: “Verve”

Crease “Pistol”

Outer Corner: “Busted”

Liner:  “Blackout” (Applied with angled liner brush)

{All Images via.}

So, is it worth the buy? Definitely! However, owning both palettes could be deemed unnecessary, unless you are a total beauty junkie. If I had to choose between the two, I would definitely go with the latest edition as I tend to veer towards cooler toned shadows. But to each her own! What are your guys’ opinions of the palettes? Have you tried one? Both? Let us know! Hope you enjoyed and felt some inspiration!

Take care and good luck,

Molly & Courtney

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