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Sushi Loving

For Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I spent the evening making sushi! He came up with this unique idea after a few friends of his taught him how to make this delicacy the other day. Recently, I found a new found love for sushi and I was so excited for this dinner adventure. He went out to the store and picked up all the ingredients and off we went. We made a couple different rolls using asparagus, cucumber, avocado, and crab meat. The sushi rolls turned out great! We had fun experimenting with making different rolls and figuring out the proper way keep all the ingredients in the roll! Sushi is fun and easy to make and you can find easy to follow directions at the website Make My Sushi. Have you guys ever tried to make sushi?



Valentine’s Day roses from my boyfriend ūüôā

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Happy Valentine’s Day

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same…” – Wuthering Heights

Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100

Getting a gift for Valentine’s day can be a difficult task! But have no fear for there are some great gifts for under 100 dollars out there. Take a look at my picks for a great gift and maybe you can get some inspiration for your special someone! Also, all these great gifts can be found at Nordstroms!



For Her: 

Marc Jacobs perfume smells great! $72

Kate Spade Hinged Bangle. $88

Voluspa Candles smell amazing! $27

Michael Kors Pave Heart Charm! I love this!! $55

Kate Spade Iphone case! $40

¬†Dogeard ‘Key to My Heart’ Pendant Necklace¬†$76.00

For Him: 

Nixon ‘The Time Teller’ Watch. $75

Acqua di Gio cologne set. $77

DODOcase for Ipad. $59

Mens UGG slippers. $99

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DIY Glitter Candles

Glitter candles are simple and take less than 10 minutes to make. They add a new depth to the ordinary, plain candle.  I came across this DIY on the blog, Say Yes to Hoboken  and I immediately rushed out to the store to get the items needed to make this fabulous candle. I used pink glitter in honor of Valentines Day and they are so cute! I want to throw a Valentines day party just to show off my candles! Do you guys have any great Valentines DIY that you absolutely love?




What you need:

– Candles, any shape or size.

– Spray Adhesive

– Glitter of any color

– Tape

Step One:

Wrap the tape around the candle in an even line. Taping off the area in where you want to apply to glitter.

Step Two:

Spray the exposed area where you plan to apply the glitter with your spray adhesive.

Step Three:

Sprinkle glitter all over the area where the spray adhesive was applied. Make sure to apply lots and lots of glitter!

Step Four:

Wait a few minutes and then carefully peel off the tape.

and voilà! 

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