Courtney and Molly both grew up in Northville, a small, suburban town located in Southeastern Michigan. Like many others who find themselves surrounded by suburbia, they have found that following the latest trends is not as easy as it would be living in a big city. “Too” stylish sticks out like a sore thumb and comes off as pretentious, but underdressed is equally as tacky. So, what now? How can one be stylish and unique in suburbia, a land laced with plain?

This is where their blog “Stylin’ in Suburbia” comes into play. The blog is dedicated to incorporating the latest trends into the suburban lifestyle without being over the top, as well as posts about lifestyle, how-to’s, reviews, and more! We hope you enjoy! Scroll down to learn a little more about the girls behind the blog:

Courtney is a student at the University of Michigan. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. Courtney is also the co-founder and editor of the blog I Design Love , which is a blog dedicated to the latest and greatest trends in interior design and fashion. Stylin’ in Suburbia was started in 2012 by two best friends who had a obession with blogging, fashion, and all things girly. Courtney draws inspiration from her daily life, her hobbies, and the world of beauty.

Molly also studies at the University of Michigan, with a major in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. She also works part-time as a cashier at Sephora, but hopes work her way up to makeup artist. She started her first blog, “Stylin’ in Suburbia,” with her seasoned blogger best friend in the beginning of 2012, and has found herself hooked. Her posts are based on what she loves and what inspires her, which include blurbs on beauty, music, fashion, and more.


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