Ballet Flats by TOMS!

You never know love until you find it in a perfect pair of shoes. And you never truly know heartbreak until you have to throw them out. For me, it was my first pair of  TOMS classics. I first laid eyes on them at Nordstrom. They were in the shade “stonewash gray” and as soon as I tried them on, they rarely left my feet. We eventually parted ways after six months, when our time spent together created holes and water stains.

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{Grey Stone-Washed Classics}

As I approached the garbage can to cut ties, I knew I would have to be quick, otherwise I would not do it. I tore the lid off, tossed them in, and walked away. Since our “breakup,” I have tried other shoes, but none quite fit me like my TOMS did. That’s when I knew that it was destiny and I needed to go back.

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 {Natalia Rose Ballet Flats}

While my first pair were in the Classic cut, they also offer other styles, such as Botas or Cordones, both of which I find absolutely adorable. Their newest style, however, are Ballet Flats! TOMS shoes are known for their casual vibe, so ballet flats are a great addition to the line, as they can be both dressed up or down.

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{Gisele Grey Ballet Flats}

While I will not stray completely from the classic cut (I plan on purchasing this olive green pair next),  I am definitely getting situated with a pair of TOMS ballet flats, too! I can’t wait to try them out. And the best thing about TOMS shoes, besides looking cute in them, is that with your purchase, a child in need gets a pair of shoes, too! Can’t beat that!

So, what about you guys? Are there any shoes that you absolutely love? Let us know!

Take care and good luck!


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