BB Cream-Worth All The Hype?

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Working as a cashier at Sephora, I am well aware of the latest trends and innovations in makeup and skincare. Lately, BB Cream, short for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm,” has been attracting attention. It first gained popularity in Asia, but has recently started making its way to the United States.

BB Creams’ claim to fame is their revolutionary formulation that combines skincare benefits with cosmetic concerns. BB Creams hydrate, contain anti-aging ingredients, protect against sun damage, cover up minor pimples, work as a makeup primer, and even out skin tone. They can be worn alone or layered under makeup (but, a skincare expert I work with informed me that many women feel that BB Cream gives enough coverage on its own).

Sounds like quite the revolutionary product, right? For sure! But like many, I know I need to see it to believe it. So, on this upcoming Friday, I’ve decided I’m going to purchase my own bottle of BB Cream and see if it’s worth all the hype. In the meantime, do some research! has an entire page dedicated to BB Creams (which I will link here).

Expect updates soon from my end soon, but have any of you tried BB Cream? Leave your testimonials in the comments below!

Take care and good luck!


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